Agricultural Machinery is playing key role in the modern agriculture. Modern agriculture can’t imagine without machine. Machine makes easy to culture and remove the stress.

Soil Cultivation

The primary step of the agricultural production is soil cultivation is. Different types of agricultural machinery uses in the soil cultivation. Mainly power tiller and tractor have used for the tillage. In tillage different types of accessories have use in the basis of soil condition and t he perspective condition. Tine, disc plough and motion moldboard plough utilize as an attachment. Rotavator also use for the soil cultivation.

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture MachineryAgriculture Machinery




Planting varies from crop to crop. Various methods have used in planting. Mainly seeds and seedling are the main planting inputs of the agricultural production. Many types of machinery have used for this two types of input planting. The agriculture machinery for the planting also varies in the soil condition and the topography. Seeds have planted using different types of seed drilling machine. Transplanter have used for seedlings. This agriculture machinery also varies from crop to crop.

Agriculture Machinery

Adding Fertilizer, Pesticides

To uplift the goal of agriculture it is necessary to proper care of plants. For deficit of the nutrients of soil adding fertilizer is important. For the growth and reproduction of the plant nutrient plays the vital role and fulfill the ultimate target. Pesticides need to protect the plant from different types of diseases and pests attack. Diseases and pests deteriorate the plant condition which ultimate reduce the production. There are different types of machinery have used to add fertilizer, pesticides etc and also metering device use to proportionate the adding mixture.

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture Machinery


There are different types of sorting machine have used for vegetable grading. Sorting play s a great role for adding values of the product. Also utilize washing and sorting machine in combine.

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture Machinery


Crop harvesting is important part of the agriculture production. Agriculture machinery eases the Crop harvesting and reduces the labor and stress. There are different types of harvesting machine it varies from crop to crop.

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture Machinery

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